REAL/32 WINServer support area.

Note : The Version 1.01 Service pack is available for download. For more information on what has changed please click here.

Most problems with REAL/32 WINServer relate to the ODI network layer. For ease of installation IMS recommends using the IPX protocol over TCP/IP. Please refer to this document here for more information on diagnosing network problems.

Diagnosing connection problems

First check that the information displayed by the Winserver status screen is correct. If you are using IPX protocol make sure that you see a * under the first status display.

Try and locate the computer using find computer (Windows Explorer->Find->Computer).

Have you made sure that NETBIOS support is enabled over IPX / TCP/IP on the client side (See installation manual for more details).

If you have a modem installed on the client machine check that the IPX protocol is not bound to the modem and NETBIOS is not enabled on any of the modem's protocols. If you are still having problems remove the modem from the client configuration and test again.

Windows 2000 server active directory services NT and Windows 2000 clients in the domain controlled by the server, do not appear to be able to see or map to WinServer using explorer.
This can be overcome by using the NET USE command For example, "net use d: \\server\share"
WinServer 1.0
sharing printers
Mapping a printer to a WinServer machine from Windows 98
1. Disconnect all mapped drives to the WinServer machine from your local client.
2. Go to "My Computer" and Select "Add Printer" in the Printers folder.
3. Select "Network printer". Click Next.
4. Enter the Network path eg. \\winserve\epson.
5.Select Yes to "Do you print from MS-DOS based programs?". Click Next.
6.Click "Capture Printer Port" and select the desired LPT port then click Next.
7. Select your printer driver from the list provided. Click Next.
8. click Next until you have successfully installed the printer driver.
9. Reconnect all drive mappings as before.
"Error in loading spooler module"


This is normally caused by CSPOOL not being loaded. To confirm cspool is not running type at a C:\>CSPOOL STATUS .
The REAL/32 setup program will normally insert the command to startup CSPOOL automatically within autoexec.bat. 
Note :If you are using STARTxxx.bat batch files then you will have to place the command CSPOOL START within your START001.BAT file.
If you are still encountering problems then make sure that no other programs are running then type at a prompt CSPOOL START .  If there are any errors resolve them and then try rebooting the machine to see if WINServer will now load.
"Unable to initialise the transport layer" This is normally the result of not enough DOS TPA memory for Winserver to run. Try running VGA OFF before running RUNWNET.EXE or refer to the maximizing your TPA guide.
Connecting more than 12 clients to WIN Server To connect large amounts of Windows clients to WINServer follow the following steps.
First make sure that the WINServer itself is modified to support the number of clients your require ( Using SETUP.EXE ).
Edit NET.CFG ( In the appropriate USRxx or PHAxx directory ) and make sure that you have the following line within the protocol TCPIP section.

Protocol TCPIP
       nb_commands 25
Edit C:\NWCLIENT\NET.CFG and add the following line within the link support section 
Link Support
       Netbios commands = 25
Then because of a bug in LSL.COM you will have to copy the modified NET.CFG into the root directory of C: before it will take effect.

Windows 2000 We have produced several fixes to some Windows 2000 specific issues in version 1.00 of the WINServer product. To update your Version 1.00 product to Version 1.01 please visit our download section.
Please also note that because Windows 2000 is based on Windows NT we do not support printing to REAL/32 WINServer printer shares.
FAT-32 and 98 command prompt. We have solved a problem with accessing REAL/32 FAT-32 partitions from a Windows 98/ME Command prompt. The symptoms of this problem would be missing files or incomplete filenames when displayed. Note: This problem does not occur through Windows Explorer.
Version 1.01 of WINServer resolves this problem. To upgrade to 1.01 please visit our download section.
"-" and"_" in NETBIOS name We have reports of Windows systems failing to connect to the REAL/32 Win server if these characters are included. Please use the default name of WINSERVER for your initial testing stage.
Using 2 IMS PCI network cards If your system has 2 IMS PCI network adapters ( 1 for net server 1 for IPX/TCPIP networking ) then you must force NET Server to use 1 card (Within the Net server support section) and then force PCIODI.COM the IPX/TCPIP network card driver to use the other network card using the following addition to the card driver section within c:\nwclient\net.cfg
      EtherID <mac Address>
EitherID will be the network address or MAC address of the network card you wish to use.
i.e.: EtherID E0293D4C6A
Large system instability On large systems the WIN Server driver will use the last remaining flags resulting in general system instability. If you are encountering these type problems try modifying your entry within MCONFIG.SYS flags=255 to flags=400.
Note : All IMS drivers have been amended to support flag numbers >255 but some third party drivers may not correctly support this facility. Please check with the Mfr. before using this facility.
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