Enhancements / Bug Fixes in WINServer 1.01

The following list describes changes made since WINServer 1.00.

To upgrade your current WinServer 1.00 to 1.01 download the service pack from our download area.

The CSPOOL can now be disabled by adding the line "printer=0" to the file c:\real32\winserve\config.net and editing the autoexec.bat, this disables the facility for printing using WINServer.

When copying files of file length > 0x4000 Windows 2000 would sit in a infinite loop attempting to copy the files. This has now Been resolved.

Windows 2000 explorer has problems copying subdirectories on REAL/32 mapped WIN Server drives. This has now been resolved

Any directory access from a Windows ME Command prompt would display incorrect directory information. This has now been resolved.

WIN Server now correctly parses a CONFIG.CPL file if it contains any NW_PRINTERS directives.

Windows ME machines would fail to save Microsoft Office 2000 documents to a remote WIN Server drive.


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Last modified: Tuesday November 26, 2002.