WEB Server Troubleshooting

Problem Resolution
On starting httpd.exe I get the error message Error: 8 creating HTTPD queue You have insufficient Free Queue space on your system. Run the REAL/32 SETUP utility and then increase the Queue buffer space within the Systems resources section. To monitor the current amount of free queue space use the RUM.EXE utility.
Not all/ None of the slave sessions are shown as free on the status screen. Make sure you have configured enough free phantom sessions within REAL/32 setup ( Systems option section ). If you are using REAL/32 office make sure you have setup the phantom consoles to autologin to a prompt (see setup guide for more information ). 
When loading httpd.exe I get the error message TCPIP stack not loaded. You will have to load TCPIP.EXE first before loading HTTPD.EXE. (see setup guide for more information ). 
I cannot use the administrator option from the main Web page.

The administrator facility is developed in the Perl language. The Perl interpreter requires that the following information is correct.

  1. Make sure you have at lease 4mb of free system memory ( Check using mem utility )

  2. DPMI memory is enabled within SETUP.

  3. PATH statement includes C:\R32WEB\PERL\BIN

  4. The PERLLIB environment variable is set within autoexec.bat.( Type SET at a command prompt and should be set to C:\R32WEB\PERL\LIB) 

I can connect to the web server locally but not through a router Make sure the FTP & HTTP access is enabled on your router for the WEB Servers IP address.
Displaying screens locally appears to be very slow. Your net.cfg file within C:\NWCLIENT as default contains an entry for the link support layer buffers of :
Link Support
           Buffers 4 1500
           MemPool 4096
Increasing the values to the following will boost performance but may affect your DOS TPA.
Link Support
           Buffers 8 1500
           MemPool 16384
No reverse DNS entry for WEB Server
Some of the Microsoft Java Applets require to perform a reverse lookup on a IP address that the applet was downloaded from. If your DNS server does not have a entry for your REAL/32 WEB Servers IP Address this can lead to long pauses while loading WEB pages from the server. Note : If JAVA applets are not used you should not encounter this problem.
The purpose of the DNS server is to convert names such as WWW.IMSLTD.COM to an IP address. It can also be used as a way of getting a name or domain back from a IP address, this is called reverse DNS.
To resolve this you can do one of the following.
Add a entry into your DNS for the WEB Servers IP address. This is the best/most permanent fix but requires knowledge of how to configure DNS servers( Typically Linux or NT boxes ).
Amend your local HOSTS file with a entry for the REAL/32 WEB servers IP address. Note : This will only boost the performance when loading from the amended client. The file is located under Windows NT in \winnt\system32\drivers\hosts and in Windows 95/98 \windows\hosts. 
An example of the line is: webserver.imsltd.com
Make sure WEB Server is running in foreground/Phantom or SLICE = 1  
By default REAL/32 provides process's in foreground ( Currently being displayed on screen ) with a greater amount of the processor than those process's running in background on other Virtual Consoles.
To give the WEB Server the maximum performance you must ensure that it is either running on a foreground VC or on a phantom or adjust the slice parameter within SETUP.EXE DOS Session defaults Foreground / Background time slice ratio to a value of 1(Making all VC's have equivalent priority over the CPU ).
Use Large DISK Cache / Deferred Writes
Enabling a large disk cache will also provide a good increase in performance on a large site. The WEB Server maintains a log of all access to the server in a file ACCESS.LOG if this file is getting quite large or you have not got deferred writes enabled then this can also slow down the connection. Note : If you are enabling deferred writes IMS highly recommends ensuring your machine is protected by a UPS and the users are educated not to reset the machine using a hardware switch ( As this may result in lost data)  and use the REBOOT.EXE command to flush the write pending data.
I cannot ftp files greater than 1k in Length. Make sure that your buffers statement in C:\NWCLIENT\NET.CFG is set to the following : 
Link Support
           Buffers 8 1500
           MemPool 16384
When I load Javaterm all I get is a black box.  Make sure that the Javaterm driver is loaded/configured and there is sufficient free ports configured. Also see item below. 
I can run a Javaterm session locally but not through a router. Make sure port 159 is opened on the router for the WEB Servers IP address.
I can only run about 12 Javaterm sessions concurrently. Within the C:\REAL32\TCPIP\USRxx\net.cfg add the following line as part of the PROTOCOL TCPIP section.


The text in Jaqaterm is not very easy to read. IMS recommends running the resolution of your monitor at a minimum of 800 x 600 as the higher resolutions provide clearer fonts.
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