Updating the Firmware in an Axel Terminal


TFTP server software.

New firmware.

UTP (RJ45) link to the terminal from a computer system running TFTP.



If the terminal is currently using the serial port, you still need to up load the new firmware using the UTP (RJ45 network) link. This can be achieved without using a hub by using an X over RJ45 lead IE as below.

Pin 1                    Pin 3

Pin 2                    Pin 6

Pin 3                    Pin 1

Pin 6                    Pin 2


The TFTP software is available as shareware or freeware for example TFTPD32 available free from here along with full instructions and licensing information.


Method of Updating the Firmware.

Connect the Axel terminal to a computer with a network card using the cable above or connect the terminal to a hub which has access to the computer system which has the new firmware.

Make a note of the TCP/IP address of the computer system.

Start the TFTP software on the computer.

Load the new firmware into the TFTP software.

Switch on the AXEL terminal.

Press the Control-Alt-Esc keys to enter the Axel set-up module.

Select download from the main menu.

Enter the new firmware filename. (without the pathname)

Enter a TCP/IP address for the Axel terminal.

Enter the TCP/IP address of the computer system running the TFTP software.

Select download

Once the new firmware has been loaded, the terminal will re-boot with the new firmware.

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