This page is dedicated to helping you help yourself solve you problem as quickly and easily as possible. The procedures below are the same that the IMS support dept have adopted for solving all problems that get report to them.

  1. Has it ever worked before?


    If this is a new Hardware or software you may need the latest service pack or latest product version. IMS products are constantly being enhanced to support new hardware and software so upgrading to the latest version may solve you problem. 


    When did it stop working?

    What has changed since it last worked?
    If you undo the changes does it work?

    Are you running the latest service pack ?

  2. If you run the system in it's simplest form does it work then?

    Introduced in REAL/32 7.9 was safe mode booting which allows booting the system in single user mode with no drivers loaded and no Upper memory used.

    With previous version you can use the F3, F5 & F8 function keys to reduce the functionality of your system which may provide you with a idea of the cause of the problem. 


  3. Does this software / Hardware run on another PC?

    If it does then we may be looking at a software configuration issue or hardware clash's. 

    For software issues re-install a Basic product installation and then try again before changing any of the parameters.

    For hardware issues remove all possible add on boards from the machine and check that the BIOS allows you to reserve interrupts if you are using a ISA card.

Common problems (click on the link below for more information)

System running slow after processor upgrade

Cannot get ODI/TCP/IPX networking running

Not enough memory to run my application

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