IMS Support Policy

If you did not purchase the product directly from IMS please contact your supplying distributor/dealer first.

Telephone Support

From May 1st 2002 three types of telephone support will be available.

Premier Support Contract

This scheme not only gives you priority telephone access to trained IMS staff, priority email, fax and land mail support, it also includes a full suite of ALL IMS Ltd authorized retail products ( Dealer Demo's ) as they are released. Please see the current IMS price list for latest pricing.

Installation Telephone Support

For new REAL/32 purchases IMS will provide free-of-charge installation email & telephone support for 30 days from date of invoice. Products eligible for 30day support :-

REAL/32 Operating system and associated software

All new software supplied by IMS Limited ( Non Beta )

All new hardware supplied by IMS Limited.


Pay As You Go Telephone Support


This telephone support is available to credit card holders only. Once authorized, calls will be passed to the Technical support dept. Technical investigations and lengthy support issues can be quoted on an individual basis.


Pay as you go telephone support per issue 75.00.

Per Issue includes up-to  30 minutes of support time, Thereafter telephone support time is charged at 40.00 per subsequent 30 Minutes.


Please note, Premier Telephone support will always take priority over installation and pay as you go Telephone support.

Email Support

Email support is provided for IMS products on the same basis as Telephone support at

Please check the good trouble shooting practices before contacting support.

Please include the following details when contacting the support dept :

  1. Version of the product your are using.
  2. Serial number ( use signon.exe )
  3. If you are using REAL/32 please use the IMSD.EXE to create a SUPPORT.TXT file and attach this to your email.
  4. A full description of the problem and its exact symptoms.

Fax Support 

Please include the same information as email support but include a contact telephone number and fax number. 

IMS Support fax number : 00 44 (0) 1276 686510


If we have been unable to resolve the above issue by normal means (telephone, email or fax) we may feel the way forward is to continue the investigation at our premises. All investigations are conducted under the IMS investigation conditions detailed here.

No investigations will be undertaken without the customer first accepting the conditions and returning a signed investigation form and IMS accepting to undertake the Investigation.

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