IMS REAL/32 Office Support Area.

Autologin failing... On non-networked Office servers, a user needs to be set to Autologin on node FF in order to activate the Autologon facility. Disabling and then re-enabling this facility will fail with Usercon versions 3.00 and earlier - this version number appears at the top right hand corner of the Usercon screen..  We have version 3.01 available on request, which corrects the problem.
REAL/32 Office PRNMGR commands The very extensive PRNMGR commands in REAL/32 Office can cope with almost any requirement, but beware if there are no printers on a server. In such a situation, the standard "Printmap" command can lead to a printer being assigned as a NUL device, which, when combined with a PRNMGR SELECT command designed to send output to a printer on another server, can result in the output being lost. Good practice is to avoid mixing PRINTMAP and PRNMGR commands when setting up and maintaining printers. Printers with DESPOOL loaded need PRNMGR commands, and printers that are printing direct to a port need PRINTMAP and PRINTER commands.
Clock synchronisation Synchronising clock times around a REAL/32 network can be useful where time-critical operations are carried out on multiple servers, for example in a courier company. IMS has produced Getclock.exe to do this on REAL/32 Office and IMS Dos Professional; simply install this utility in a batch file on each server (except the master) and the servers will stay synchronised regardless of slight differences in their own timekeeping
"You are not authorised for remote access" This is seen by an IMSterm IPX user if the Usercon field "Access via modem" is set to "No". Please set this field to "Yes" in usercon. This is not a bug; the intention in implementing this was to ensure that system managers were aware that an authorised person with a valid login and password could access the system from a remote network station, even over a Wide Area Network, rather than simply from locally. This security risk may need to be defended against, particularly (for example) by deleting a user as soon as they leave employment.
Linemon in REAL/32 Office REAL/32 will write a line into Autoexec.bat to start linemon in a phantom session. When installing Office, please remember to delete that instruction, and use the normal Usercon settings instead.
RegenDP and Killfm.exe Should Dospro.sys and/or Dospro.idx become corrupt, then users and their permissions may be lost or altered. Regendp is sent out with every operating system to correct this problem by creating two new files, and respectively. In order to copy these new files to the original filenames, the original files need to be closed. This is not normally possible with users live on the system, and of course the person doing the job is also a live user! The way around this is to use the Killfm utility supplied on the support disk of from our ftp site. Enter Killfm followed by the main server node number, and the file manager will closed down until the next request for it's services. Quickly copy to Dospro.sys and to Dospro.idx and the users need not have their work disturbed - they can carry on as normal.
"DOS Gate disabled" Running an application from the menu produces the error "DOS Gate disabled". This message is a result of the REAL/32 office security features which stops a program loading the command prompt or another application which may allow unauthorised access . If you wish to allow you program to chain another program use the _option chain option in front of the application name within the menu script.
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