Problems with Printing Under REAL/32

Slow Printing on Parallel Printers

This is normally the result of the parallel port poll time not being set correctly. Within the SETUP.EXE utility go to system options and then page through until you get to the parallel printer poll time option. Increase/decrease this option  and then reboot the server. What the poll time value is set to will depend on your configuration, so some experimentation will be required.

Printout Always has a Spare Page at the end of it/Middle of Job

This is normally the result of CSPOOL appending this option to the end of the Job. Edit C:\REAL32\SPOOL\CONFIG.CPL and set the FORMFEED option to 0 or amend the timeout option.

There is a Long time period after the program finishing the report and it starting printing.

Shorten the timeout value within C:\REAL32\SPOOL\CONFIG.CPL


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