Using Memory on Systems with Greater than 64mb of System Memory

Important Warning : If you force REAL/32 to use more memory than is physically present in the machine you are likely to encounter major system instability and data corruption. Be very careful when using this option. IMS accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of this option.

By default REAL/32 will only detect the first 64mb of system memory. To allow REAL/32 and your applications to use any additional memory your must tell REAL/32 how much memory exists in the machine.
Add a command line to SETUP of /& 
i.e.: C:\>SETUP /&.
Select the memory option and page through until you reach the section with the option of "Amount of physical memory in the system". This is where you fill in the total amount of memory in your system in Megabytes.

Note : On some motherboards the on board video card uses a defined portion of main system memory for its own use. Make sure you remove this memory from the total system memory when using setup.

Note 2: If you apply a service pack to the operating system you will have to use the SETUP /& switch to re-specify the amount again.

Note 3: If the system does not boot because you have incorrectly filled in the wrong figure use the F3 function key option on boot up to disable this feature.


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