Setup of LS120 Super Disks for REAL/32


Installing LS120 with REAL/32 7.90 Or better


Providing your motherboard and BIOS support the IDE LS 120 drive then the disk will become drive B: ( if only one floppy is installed ) and you should be able to access it like any other floppy without the use of any external device drivers. Make sure you also read the important notes.


Installing LS120 drive with REAL/32 7.83

The Dos drivers will need to be obtained - they are not always supplied with the drive unit - and we suggest you proceed as follows:

Install the unit under MsDos, to gain the benefit of seeing the syntax used and the position of lines placed in the Dos config.sys file. This should place two lines in that file; move these lines to the REAL/32 mconfig file. The first line should be placed at the top of the mconfig file after the "Network=" line; it will typically read device=c:\pathname\atapimgr.sys /T:0

The second comes anywhere after the first drive: device=c:\pathname\mkels120.sys /Q

(Substitute the correct subdirectory for pathname - the Mitsubishi installation diskette defaults to \atals).

We are now awaiting another set of drivers from the OR company for testing, and will be updating this page as soon as we have more news.



Important Note


Corruption and a reduced capacity of app 32Mb will apply unless the REAL/32 7.83 service Pack is applied to the operating system.


You will not be able to format the LS-120 disk with the standard REAL/32 format routines you will have to use the IOMEGA disk maintenance tools under DOS.


With used with the Mitsubishi driver backing up files larger than 35Mb can cause system lockups. The Panasonic driver does not display this problem. 


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