IMSTerm IPX Support Page

Welcome to the IMSTerm remote IPX ( NWTERM ) support pages.
Two main sections within this area are :

  1. Trouble shooting Server Problems

  2. IMSTerm Remote Over Dialup routers and ISDN

  3. Configuring more that 16 Terminals

  4. Printing locally attached printer is corrupted

  5. 3 Com network cards & system lockups

Trouble Shooting Server Problems
Problems with IMSTerm remote fall typically into two area's Server & Client.
First check that the ODI networking layer is working by reading the page here. Take particular note of the frame type you are using.
Now check that the NWStart server process is running using the XSTOP utility.

User processes currently on system :





















































Type number to terminate or press ENTER to exit :

If you do not see the NWSTART process running then type at a C:\>NWSTART.BAT this should load the server process or show any error messages that may have occurred on boot up.
Make sure that you configured ports within setup for IMSTerm remote IPX driver.
If you are planning to use Windows 2000 or Windows NT clients as terminals you must ensure that the IMSNWDRV.SYS driver is at least version 3.05. To check this type at a C:\>
If you do not have a up-to-date driver then you may obtain this on the IMSterm 6.03 upgrade disk.

Client/Terminal Side
If you are running under Windows NT or Windows 2000 then ensure you are using Imsterm 6.03 and you have Client service for Netware enabled within the Network services panel or you will see the error message "Netware driver IPX.COM has not been installed".
Make sure that you have the IPX protocol enabled and bound only to one network card (If you have a modem you may see it bound to this as well as the Network card which can cause problems).
When you run the HOSTLIST.EXE utility and nothing appears try running HOSTLIST /L as this will provide more diagnostic information.
Check the default frame type the client is using (Network controller panel -> IPX -> Default frame type) and make sure that this is the same frame type configured on the REAL/32 machine.
If you can start the terminal emulator but finding that the terminal stops operating after a period of time then check the shortcut that started IMSTERM, make sure that screen saver is off and that idle sensitivity is set to LOW.
If you are still having problems with the system boot windows in safe mode with network support to see if any other devices are interfering with the emulator.

IMSTerm Remote Over Dialup Routers and ISDN
If you run IMSTERM Remote over an ISDN connection, Watchdog packets may need to be switched off to stop the link being held open.
Watchdog packets are sent over IPX ethernet links (and others) to ensure that server and client are both aware if the connection is lost for any reason. However, over a dial-on-demand ISDN link, the connection is only made when data needs to be sent.  If the terminal is idle, then no data needs to be sent and therefore the line should drop to avoid high telephone charges.  If watchdog packets are in use, these packets will cause the line to be raised, increasing the telephone line charge.
To suppress Watchdog packets with IMSTERM Remote over IPX, do the following:
At the server, there will be a line in the mconfig.* file which reads
Add  "/D" to that line to suppress Watchdog activity at the host end.
At the terminal end, add the following line to the nwterm.ini file.
Watchdog packets will now be suppressed from the next complete reboot. This will have the side effect that if the connection is lost, either because the host is rebooted or the client is switched off, then gaining reconnection may take a little more time.
Suppressing Watchdog packets may not be sufficient to stop all superfluous traffic, however.  The status line updates can be suppressed by the appropriate terminal setting in SETUP, or by sending an Esc 0 command.  The clock will also be updated every minute on terminals, so it is best to switch this off using Esc 4.  A complete list of the available escape code sequences is available in the REAL/32 Installation Guide in table F3 starting on page F-6.

If you are encountering very slow screen updates ( Takes 30 seconds to display a single screen ) then IMS has developed a Beta driver which may help solve the problem ( which is normally caused by routers being set up incorrectly ). Please contact for more information. 

Configuring More than 16 Terminals
IMSTerm Remote can support upto 48 terminals but you will have to make a change to your C:\NWCLIENT\NET.CFG file to allow it to work with >16 terminals. Ensure that you have the following section within your net.cfg
Protocol IPXodi
    spx connections 64

Printing Locally Attached Printer is Corrupted
Make sureyou are running IMSTERM 6.03. IMSTerm 6.02 contained a bug which caused corruption on buffer overflow situations.

3 Com Network Cards & System Lockups
We are encountering a number of dealers who are reporting that their Windows systems will lock when using IMSTERM. All of the systems which have had these problems have been using AGP video cards and 3 Com network adaptors. Swapping out the Network cards for another network card MFR appears to resolve the issues.


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