Dantum RAID Server
When combined with the Adaptec ARO 1130 RAID Controller you may encounter problems loading REAL/32, this has been addressed in the REAL/32 7.83 Service Pack and later revisions of the operating system..
DPT® Millennium RAID Controller We have discovered a problem when the file called I2ODDL.SYS file is loaded for use with the DPT Millennium controller. The problem occurs when loaded via MCONFIG.SYS. We have seen the problem on 7.80 and 7.81 and believe it occurs with other versions of the OS. This problem is fixed with the 7.83 service pack or later revisions of the operating system.
DPT SmartCache Controllers The DPTDLL.SYS driver improves TPA by removing the need for an XBDA (eXtended Bios Data Area) at the top of base memory. However, there is a side effect - if Loader is run while DPTDLL.SYS is in memory, the next time the machine is booted it may hang in the middle of loading DPTDLL.SYS, under REAL/32 or MsDos! The preventative measure is to avoid using Loader while DPTDLL.SYS is present, and if a cure is needed, boot from Drive A: and then run Loader /u followed by Loader.
ISA SCSI controllers ISA SCSI controllers such as the ADAPTEC 1640 will are not supported with with REAL/32 when used with greater than 16mb of main system memory. This is a limitation of the DMA services supported by the controller. All PCI devices do not have this limitation.
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