CD-ROM Driver

To install an IDE compatible CD-ROM drive for use with REAL/32 you must first have the appropriate driver for DOS. Install this driver in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Normally the DOS CD-ROM drivers are installed via the DOS file config.sys. When a reference to config.sys is made within your CD-ROM installation guide, make changes to the appropriate mconfig.sys file.

The line in the config.sys file that loads the driver is usually something like:

DEVICE=C:\<path>\<drivername.sys> /D:MSCD0001



This line must be copied to the end of the REAL/32 configuration file mconfig.sys.

Reboot to allow this driver to take effect.


To access the CD-ROM from the REAL/32 command line you must run the IMSCDEX CD-ROM extension program. 

Note MSCDEX will not operate correctly with REAL/32, the file required is imscdex.exe, found in the C:\REAL32\BIN directory.

This program defines which drive letter you wish to use as a CD drive. IMSCDEX has the following syntax:

IMSCDEX [/?|H] /D:drivename1 [/D:drivename2...] [/E] [/F:n] [/L:drive] [/M:n] [/V]


DEVICE = C:\(Your Driver.sys)/D:(Device driver name)


Provides multi-user / multitasking access to CD-ROM drives. IMSCDEX can be loaded from your autoexec.bat file or from the command line. (The device driver that came with your CD-ROM drive must be loaded from your mconfig.sys file).

Command switches

/? or /H                        Displays help text.

/D:drivename1 [/D:drivename2]

Specifies the driver name of the first CD-ROM device driver. The drivename1 parameter must match the /D parameter specified in the mconfig.sys file for the driver.

The IMSCDEX command must include at least one /D switch

To install additional CD-ROM device drivers, specify an additional /D switch for each driver.

[/E] Specifies that the CD-ROM driver will be allowed to use Expanded memory (LIM EMS), if available, to store buffers.

[/F:n] number of file handles to allocate (the default is 20).

[/L:drive] specifies the drive letter to assigned to the first CD-ROM drive. Additional drives, if installed, are allocated sequential drive letters.

[/M:n] number of sector buffers to allocate (the default is 14).

[/V] Print out debug information during initialization


To configure a Hitachi CD-ROM driver add to mconfig.sys:


Then run the TSR program from the command line.


Note.  This driver does not support any write functions that a CD drive may be capable of.
This driver does not support .cmd programs

Defining Which Sessions May Access The CD-ROM

If you wish the CD-ROM drive to be active in all sessions, type the following as the last line in the autoexec.bat file:


If you only require the CD-ROM drive to be active in the first DOS session of every physical console, type the following as the last line in the autoexec.bat file:


If you only wish to load the CD-ROM drive in the first DOS session of your main screen (i.e. the server), type the following as the last line in the autoexec.bat file:


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