REAL/32 WIN Server

IMS are proud to announce the launch of REAL/32 WIN Server version 1.00. This product is a major enhancement to REAL/32 network connectivity, allowing Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT and other SMB compliant clients to share REAL/32 drives and printers. In order to utilise the functionality of REAL/32 WIN Server, REAL/32 version 7.8 needs to be pre-installed onto the host machine.

REAL/32 WIN Server features and benefits:
Uses industry standard networking protocol SMB (Server Message Block)
Benefit Typically there is no need to purchase extra client software as Windows has the networking client built in.
Reduced cost of ownership
Benefit The Client side only needs one network card to access REAL/32 host and other Windows machines, the overall cost of the solution is therefore reduced.
IPX or TCP transport standards
Benefit By designing the WIN Server to use the IPX and TCP standards, IMS makes routing through Wide Area Networks easy.
Uses the REAL/32 ODI stack
Benefit Compatibility. Most network cards are shipped with ODI drivers, allowing customers greater choice, (including 100mb).
Benefit Both IMSTerm for NetWare and WIN Server can share the same network card.
Allows printer mapping and sharing.
Benefit Both Windows 95/98/ME machines and REAL/32 users can now access the same printer transparently. Important Note : Printing from Windows NT/2000 machines is not currently supported.
Ease of use
Benefit Specifically designed to be simple for the end customer. Customers can map network drives and devices as if they were local.
Simple installation and low maintenance overhead
Cost effective

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