IMS Terminal Hardware

Terminal Hardware at a Glance



IMSTerm emulation Yes Yes n/a
RS-232 Serial connection Yes Yes  
Network Connection No Yes n/a
Parallel printer port Yes Yes Yes
Serial Printer port Yes Yes Yes
Till connection option Yes No No
Colour Text Yes Yes Yes
CGA Graphics Yes No Yes
SVGA Graphics No No Yes
Remote Mouse support No No Yes


The C192 is a low cost, PC compatible serial colour terminal base unit designed to exploit the latest features of REAL/32. In benchmark tests IMS has found the C192 to be twice as fast as typical PC compatible terminals. Previously, all REAL/32 users with a requirement for low cost colour capabilities have needed to use a PC, running terminal emulation software. The C192 has the advantage of being smaller and silent, taking up less desk space, with the capability of running up to 115K baud. The C192 also includes a specialised graphical extension which enables DOS CGA graphics applications to be run on the terminals.

Cost effective

Supports all the standard PC code pages

Compatible with the Graphics extensions of REAL/32

Host addressable parallel and serial printer ports

High data rates supported, with hardware flow control

AX3000 - TCP/IP & Serial terminal

With built-in Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity, this terminal allows direct networked access to REAL/32 and other platforms. It is a colour text terminal  and may be connected to any VGA/SVGA monitor or AT style keyboard.

TCP/IP AX3000 key benefits: 

Connection: embedded Ethernet TCP/IP interface (RJ45)
Multi-host: simultaneous access to multiple hosts, including REAL/32 and UNIX
Network Server Functions:
3 auxiliary ports (2 serial, 1 parallel)
Print server (lpd), terminal server (telnet) and tty server (tty)
Remote set-up
Firmware downloading
Network statistics


Manufactured in the USA by Maxpeed, the MaxStation is a unique multi-console solution that delivers graphical applications to REAL/32 at terminal prices, and at main screen performance. You can now deliver vertical graphics applications such as auto parts display, visualisation of architectural floor plans, computer aided design, desktop publishing and enhanced word processing applications to multiple users without resorting to a networking based solution.

Maxpeed System






The MaxStation supports most of the popular display modes up to 1024 x 768 256 colour SVGA mode. Up to 4 MaxStations can be controlled from a dedicated controller card (the SGX-4). This contains four separate controller chips and some special logic that allows VGA, keyboard and mouse signals to be multiplexed along a single cable. REAL/32 supports up to four SGX-4 cards allowing up to 16 MaxStations on a single computer.

RJ-45 10 cabling is used between the SGX-4 and the MaxStation units which gives the high bandwidth required for high resolution VGA graphics (28Mbps). This leads to a very high screen refresh performance similar, if not equal to, the main screen of a stand- alone system. So even if you do not use its graphic capabilities, the MaxStation system forms an extremely fast terminal subsystem.

The MaxStation includes a port for a Microsoft compatible serial mouse. The data from the mouse is multiplexed along the same RJ45 cable, giving the ability to add mouse support to applications without having to allow for extra cabling for the mice. A parallel printer port is also included which can be used for a local printer.

The MaxStation base units accept standard VGA monitors and IBM compatible keyboards allowing the reseller to match monitors and keyboards with those supplied with the central computer. Although a suitable cable is included with each MaxStation standard UTP CAT-5 cable can be used.


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