PCI Parallel Ports

Introduced in REAL/32 7.91 was the ability to support PCI parallel boards providing that they compatible with the internal REAL/32 driver.

Note : Although not a guaranteed system. If you purchase a PCI parallel that states that it is MSDOS compatible it is more likely to work.

Checking that your board is compatible with the REAL/32 driver

To find out if your board is supported first run the IMSD.EXE utility supplied with REAL/32 7.91.

Select PCI Bus information

Scroll down the screen looking for a Item with Class type of : simple coms devices

The check that the Sub class is 1

If the above is not correct that the REAL/32 PCI LPT port driver will not support this unit. Scroll down the list to make sure that you have viewed all the boards in the system.

Configuring REAL/32

Run the REAL/32 setup utility and then select stations and multi-ports..

Select LPT parallel ports.

You will now see LPT1, LPT2 & LPT3 displayed

Important Note : You will notice that that some/all of the boards have * next to them indicating that the port is not present. This * only indicates the lack of presence of ISA boards and not PCI boards.

Make sure that you configure all these ports to be printer.

Note : If you already have 3 ISA boards in your machine you will not be able to add a additional PCI board.

After a reboot you should be able to select the printer using the printer command and then print to the attached printer like any other.

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