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REAL/32 - The Operating System for Demanding Applications

Modern PC based operating Systems, designed for the desktop, often fail to provide the performance, functionality and robustness required by today's most demanding applications in business and industry.

Whether your need is to create an individual program or a complete turnkey solution, REAL/32 from Intelligent Micro Software has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the most demanding applications, providing 32-bit, real-time pre-emptive multi-tasking and multi-user functionality in a DOS and Windows' compatible environment.

REAL/32 provides a powerful platform for the systems integrator, software developer and VAR on which to build complex solutions using a combination of standard "off-the-shelf" DOS and Windows applications and bespoke software. The powerful multi-tasking and multi-user capabilities of REAL/32 allow standard applications to multi-task without modification. Additionally, an extensive programming interface allows the software developer to take full advantage of the facilities the operating system can provide.

REAL/32 - A Spectrum of Solutions

Based on key technology acquired from Novell, REAL/32 has been used in such diverse areas as; database application servers, remote access and remote maintenance for LANS, electronic point of sale applications in fast-food and retail, industrial processing control including the control of power stations and other utilities, communications subsystems and in many other areas.

The performance, functionality and small memory footprint of REAL/32 make it ideal for embedded or turnkey solutions.

REAL/32 - Multi-user Multi-tasking

At the core of REAL/32 lies an Intel(tm) Pentium(tm) and 486 optimized 32-bit, real-time, pre-emptive multi-tasking kernel. REAL/32 runs multiple tasks in separate, protected, virtual machines as if running on a LAN. Dynamic memory management and idle detection technology ensures that primary resources such as memory and the CPU are used efficiently with the minimum of overhead.

REAL/32 also provides comprehensive multi-user solutions, supporting multiple users on a single Intel Pentium, 486 or 386 based machine. It includes device drivers to support terminals, printers, mice, moderns and other serially or network driven peripherals. REAL/32 also supports multiple graphics screens using Maxpeed(tm) VGA and SVGA graphic terminals.

Depending upon requirements, REAL/32 can be installed with advanced security features which range from login identification to prevent casual access; locking of screens so running applications can be left unattended; to file security allowing individual or group access permissions to sensitive data.

REAL/32 includes a complete printer spooling system allowing a number of users to share one or more printers. The spooler queues printouts to disk and despools to the printers as and when they become available.

REAL/32 is particularly suited to disk intensive applications such as those involving databases, It's built in disk caching improves the performance of hard disks and maximizes the efficiency of the disk subsystem in high volume transaction environments. Its support for CD-ROM devices allows it to form the basis of a cost-effective multi-user data retrieval system.

REAL/32 - for the Developer

As REAL/32 is DOS and Windows compatible, the software developer has a very wide choice of development environments from high level Industrial Systems4GL's to lower level languages such as C,C++ and BASIC.

REAL/32 offers applications developers a feature-rich application programming interface (API), with powerful features such as support for 32-bit protected mode applications (DPMI), inter-process communication, background tasks, multi-threaded applications and high speed serial communications - all simplifying the task of creating complex multi-tasking, multi-user software solutions.

REAL/32 - Networking and Inter-networking

The networking and connectivity capabilities of REAL/32 allow many opportunities for expansion and integration with other systems including NetWare, Unix, LANtastic, Windows NT, Windows 95 and OS/2. Its built in support for the ODI networking standard allows multiple protocol stacks to be loaded on each virtual machine. In this way multiple programs or tasks can communicate via different networking protocols using a single network interface adaptor. This allows REAL/32 in the LAN environment, to form the basis of a complete remote access solution, an applications server or a communications gateway.

For more information on REAL/32 please see the REAL/32 Technical Specification or contact our sales department


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