IMS is proud to announce the launch of REAL/32 version 7.9. This enhancement provides large disk and FAT32 support along with many other significant enhancements.  

Note : Features in this color are new features introduced in 7.91

New features of this release include:

          Support for large hard disks the previous 8 GB addressable limit has gone

         Support for large disk partitions large drives can now be formatted as a single partition instead of being split into multiple 2Gb partitions.

         Less wastage of disk space when small files are stored on large partitions.

         Support for up to 4 disk drives instead of the previous 2.

         Support for larger files the limit of 2Gb is raised to 4Gb for FAT32-aware applications.

         Improved support for IDE- interface LS120 and ZIP drives

         New SCANDISK utility replaces CHKDISK  

         Support for up to 3 PCI Parallel ports.

         Improved PCI scanning code

Other improvements include:

         Reduced low memory footprint, leading to better TPA then under version 7.8 in many configurations.

         Support for the AXEL Ethernet TCP/IP terminal

         Support for a new, lower cost range of PCI buffered 4 and 8 port cards

         Improved LOADER with safe-mode boot facility and user-definable text for the dual boot option.

         COPY, XCOPY, DIR, XDIR, SHOW, FC and FDISK updated to handle large partitions and large files.

Before installing REAL/32 version v7.9 please check the following table for compatibility.

REAL/32 Net/Server v3.31

This version is required to be able to access FAT32 partitions

Stream v4.5 level 1.12

This version has been tested with FAT32 and the only version that will backup > 2Gb files

PTERM v4.10, RBOSS v1.5, MIMIC v2.9

These versions are required for compatibility with REAL/32 7.9


This version operates correctly with FAT32 apart from returning an incorrect amount of free disk space if more than 2Gb is available

REAL/32 Office v3.12

This version is needed to recognize FAT32 partitions


We are not aware of any compatibility issues but for reference the latest release of IMSTERM <Remote> is v6.03 and WEBSERVER is v1.7

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