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The IMS Email system consists of 4 modules that can be used in various ways and combinations to provide email services, both internal and external to REAL/32 clients and allow users on other operating systems (Linux, Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 ETC) to access their email using standard POP3 email readers (IE Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape ETC)

Image of the IMS Email client

IMS EMAIL features and benefits:

Very flexible and therefore can be configured to provide systems to suit the customers requirements.
Supports multiple internal offices.
Text terminals can now have access to email using their existing terminals.
Email can be available to users across different platforms from one system.
Single secure system provides services to all Industry standard clients.
Can be linked into any SMTP compliant server (I.E. CC Mail and Microsoft Exchange) to provide access to other internal email systems.
It can also connect to external systems using either POP3 or SMTP.
Secure access to internal email can also be provided from anywhere in the world using IMS Java term.
Ease of use
Benefit Specifically designed to be simple for the end customer.
Simple installation and low maintenance overhead.
Very cost effective.

REAL/32 7.91 or higher
REAL/32 Office
 3.12 or higher
Net server 3.31 or higher (if using 2 or more REAL32 computers on the same network)
 compliant client  if not running REAL/32 + IMS Email Client
/IP  Link to POP3  or SMTP  server if remote email required.
No other special hardware is required other than required to run the pre-requisite software/services.

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