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The Axis stream software is designed to operate in conjunction with a range of both internal and external backup devices to provide a high speed reliable backup facility.  Designed for single user or multi-user and network environments, the software handles both local and remote network drives, making it ideal for use in multi-user host machines and network servers.

Streamer software for IMS REAL/32, Multiuser DOS or MS DOS systems.

Supports wide range of backup drives/media (incl. DDS2/DDS3 DAT, Travan Minicartridge, DC6000 Quarter inch, and optical drives).

Software and/or hardware data compression

Supports tape drives from 250MB to 24 GB.

Menu driven or Command line backup and restore

Supports wide range of ASPI compliant SCSI Controllers (ISA, PCI, PCCARD).

Backup Log

Support for FAT-32 Media

Disaster recovery disk

Menu Driven
The Stream's menu driven software guides the user through the necessary steps to safely back-up and restore data. Other functions provided include software verify, display of tape contents and comparison of the tape contents with files on disk.

Where large amounts of data are backed up, multiple tape volumes are handled automatically, the user being prompted to insert the next tape cartridge as required. Each tape is marked with a volume number and backup generation number for easy identification.

Backup parameters may be specified to allow files to be selected by individual filename, sub-directory, sub-directories with nested directories or complete partitions. Wildcard selection is also supported in the filenames specified. These functions are also supported on remote network drives, reducing the cost of ensuring data security on a number of workstations.

Command line operation
Command line options are provided to allow backups to run unattended from BATCH files or Sentinel menu system.

Multiple parameters can be used to specify backup of selected files from more than one partition, drive, or even network workstation, in the same session. Floating drives and drive substitutions are also supported. Command line input files allow automation of complex backup selections. Any errors encountered during Stream operation are reported on screen and logged.

The effectiveness of any computer system is totally dependent on the integrity of the data, in multi-user systems even more so. The AXIS Stream provides an effective and simple solution to the problems of protecting the investment

 Key Features

High performance backup optimised for multi-user and network system use.
Supports a range of ASPI compliant SCSI interfaces for ISA, EISA, MCA, PCI, PCCARD bus and parallel to SCSI interfaces.
Supports wide range of DDS DAT, Travan Minicartridge and 1/4" (QIC) tape drives.
Allows backup to any disk volume (eg optical drive) as an alternative to tape media.
Full second pass software verify facility (optional)
 Easy to use menu driven software or powerful command line backup and restore for automated operation.
Optional software data compression.
Full multiple tape backup support.
Full support for REAL/32, DR DOS and Multiuser DOS file and directory passwords.
Supports IMS REAL/32, DR DOS and Multiuser DOS secure system file access rights.
Configurable open file action (warn, wait, or abort).
 Comprehensive selection criteria on both backup and restore functions.
Timer function for unattended overnight backup.
Handles data on both local and remote network drives.

Hardware Compatibility

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