Welcome to the REAL/32 7.9 Home page.

Here we publish information concerning all versions of the REAL/32 7.9.

The latest version of REAL/32 7.9 is 7.92 to download a service pack please contact us.

To read about the enhancements in 7.92 click here.

Known Problems and Solutions

Problem Solution
Upgraded 7.91 system hangs on boot up. This problem has been traced down to some low TPA systems having problems loading the WINDRV.SYS file. The current work around to this problem is to load WINDRV.SYS as the last driver within MCONFIG.SYS. 
Update : All of these problems have been traced down to the operating system running out of system flags. Please check out the WINServer support page for more information on how to resolve this situation.
Problems installing PCI parallel cards Click here for more information 
Asus A7V133 Motherboard IMS has been investigating a a problem where REAL/32 would not boot on a Asus A7V133 motherboard due to the BIOS code using illegal privileged instructions. We have a solution to this problem in REAL/32 7.92 which we expect to release shortly.
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