REAL/32 7.92 Enhancements and Bug fixes

Install will now display an error message and terminate if not run from a REAL/32 boot disk.

Setup now allows a size option when HIINSTALL'ing LSL.COM and other network drivers rather than ignoring these lines.

IMSD now displays the class code for each PCI device in a name form to make it easier to read and now displays the BAR0 ( IO Port Address ) registers.

7.91 now supports PCI parallel ports providing they report themselves as type 7 (simple com's devices) sub class 1 (parallel port). You will still need to enable LPT2/3 within the setup routine to access these ports.

We now have the capability within the PCI scanning code to scan for devices of a specified class code.

EDIT would leave temporary files (.$$$ ) if exiting a file from the menu without saving the changes. This has now been resolved.

If a FAT-16 partition had a large fat table which was a multiple of 0x100 in size then the disk free space would be reported incorrectly. This has now been resolved.

With large system configurations the IMSD.EXE support.txt dump mode option would run out of buffer space because of new files included. This has now been resolved.

CSPOOL status would display incorrect information if there where multiple active jobs on different printers awaiting to be spooled. This has now been resolved.

When using xdir on floppy disk's the free disk space would return 0k.This has now been resolved.

Release 18 of MAP4 would crash a REAL/32 7.90 system with a GP fault. This has now been resolved.

On older systems which did not support LBA (hard disk addressing) and had been formatted to FAT-32, loader would sometimes fail to operate. This has now been resolved.

Under certain circumstances the Microsoft NT Client for DOS ignores the record lock parameter block passed to it and uses a fixed offset within the SDA. We now patch this address to allow the locking to NT servers to operate correctly.

XCOPY /D did not accept a date and was also prompting for a dd-mm-yy date rather than dd-mm-yyyy. This has now been resolved.

OPT00057.ZAP( Reduces UART FIFO buffering ) did not apply to newer kernels. This has now been resolved.

Xdir A: would cause a page fault on a floppy disk if the disk had been inserted and then removed quickly . This has now been resolved.

NTCLIENT for DOS does not support the create bit when used with extended create, causing copy to fail if the file did not already exist. This has now been resolved.

If running under the COMMAND.COM shell and run dir to a remote REAL/32 NET Server drive the operation would fail with a bad op code at the end of the display. This has now been resolved.

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Last modified: Friday November 22, 2002.