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WELCOME to the IMS Web Site. If you are new to browsing the Web you may find the following hints and tips useful:

Navigating a Web Site

Each Web page will have a number of "hot" areas that point to other pages or indeed other Web sites. These hot areas can be pictures or text. You can always tell your cursor is over a hot area by looking on the status line of your browser. This will tell you which page or site the hot area points to.

You can also move forward and back through the pages you have previously visited by using the FORWARD and BACK keys on the toolbar of your browser.

If you wish to remember the address (URL) of a particular Web site or page you can add it to your list of favorite pages using the appropriate menu option in your browser.

Finding a Web Site

Unless you know the exact address (URL) of a Web site, finding it can be difficult. The usual method is to search for a key word of phrase using one of the popular Web search engines. Some good ones to try are:

The Button Bars

Our web site contains two button bars. The button bar at the top right hand side of each page contains the HOME, SEARCH, CONTACT and HELP buttons. These buttons are the same on each page and are always located in the same position for quick access.

The buttons on the blue strip on the left hand side of the page are context sensitive and change depending on the current page you are browsing (this help page doesn't have any context sensitive buttons). There functions are usually self explanatory. If in doubt, click the button anyway, you can always use the back arrow on the browser toolbar to get back to the previous page. Happy surfing!

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